This collection of photographs documents a group of Afrikaans men living on the outskirts of the coastal city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

The photographs are an intimate look into the lives of these men; how they live, work, and ultimately survive on the fringes of a new South Africa. They fell trees and sell the firewood to eke out a living. The men in these images are only but a few of about seventy bush dwellers that have settled in various locations surrounding the city of Port Elizabeth.


My journey with Danie began about 6 years ago whilst still studying photography at the time. Since then we have become good friends. For me, the relationship with Danie was in many ways a big learning experience and shaped much of my previous misconceptions regarding a generalised view and understanding I had of people that live a much more modest and simple lifestyle than most of us are familiar with.  


At the core of my experience throughout this journey I have found that the inclination to getting 'involved' with people from less fortunate backgrounds is very often to find ways to support them on a materialistic or financial level. To give in this way is not at all a bad thing and I am aware of the need in doing so, but in effect, I have found that many times that the people in these societies have a greater need that surpasses any earthly gain. 

Danie, his partner and many of the men in these pictures have taught me what it actually means to have a honest relationship, without any agendas. What an honour it is to share in a relationship like that. These types of relationships take time. In order to reach a deer level of love, and acceptance through friendship, one needs to possess the power of listening skills. When someone takes the time to listen to you, it builds up your moral and eagerness to move forward.