Natural step

It is easy to forget the talent that local artisans possess when our shelves are over floodedwith products from Asia and abroad. 

Bambanani Fresh art is just one of the many inspiring examples of a local business that has created a unique brand for themselves.  Situated in one of the biggest Townships in South Africa, Motherwell, they produce one of a kind handcrafted shoes. 

Despite their humble beginnings and small scale operations, they have big dreams to expand their brand and are very optimistic about following the necessary steps to get their shoes noticed on a bigger scale.  Bambanani believes in taking the necessary steps to further education and design skills to improve their current product and range of available shoes. Their hope is to be able to make shoes and have an impact on those they employ. 

Bambini are proud of their roots. Although sometimes challenging, they don’t think a poverty stricken location/area is a restriction to their business instead they feel that being true to their roots adds to the authenticity, story, and uniqueness of their brand. This mean that they are also inspiring their neighbours and fellow community members. 

Furthermore, they endeavour to collaborate as much as possible with other entrepreneurs that work within the same market as themselves

Bambanani is a true reflection of the motivation and drive it takes to turn a passion into purpose.  

I believe it is crucial for our economy to start noticing our locally produced talent and to support these startups. By doing so it is a small but ‘natural step’ that can be beneficial for so many people that are in desperate need of finding jobs. 

As the saying goes, “Local is lekker.”